Prognostic significance of survivin and thyroid transcription factor-1 in small
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Ming-hui Zhang1, Shu Zhao1, Muhong Wang2, Xueyan Zhang3Yan Wang4, Maopeng Yang1, Yanbo Wang2, Jiangwei Yu2, Yan Wang1

1Department of Medical Oncology, Harbin Medical University Cancer Hospital, 2Department of surgical Oncology, Harbin Medical University Cancer Hospital, 3Department of Clinical Laboratory, Hospital of Northeast Agricultural University, 4Department of Medical Oncology, Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital


Objective:Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a refractory subtype of lung cancer characterized by limited drug responses, aggressive metastasis and relapse at relatively earlystage when compared to non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Worsestill, lack of prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for SCLC largely restricts long-term success of clinical intervention. In order to evaluatesurvivin and thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1) as potential prognostic marker for SCLC, their expression levels were measuredand analyzed for correlation with some major clinicopathological parameters of SCLC. Method: In current study, a total of 68 patients were involved and their expression levels of survivin and TTF-1were determined by immunohistochemistry. The expression data were then subjectto association study with SCLC-related clinicopathological variables and the prognostic value of survivin and TTF-1 expression were assessed. Result: Survivin expression has been observed in 75% (51/68) of all samples and TTF-1 in 83.8% (57/68). Survivin expression is significantly related to clinical stage (P=0.012), lymph node metastasis (P=0.034), serum NSE levels (P=0.048) and serum LDH levels (P=0.019) while TTF-1 expression is significantly associated with lymph node metastasis (P=0.034). Univariate analysis showed that clinicalstage, lymph node metastasis, serum NSE levels, serum LDH levels, survivin and TTF-1 arepositively correlated with overall survival (OS). Further multivariate analysis demonstrated that lymph node metastasis, serum LDH levels and survivin areindependent predictors of OS. Conclusion: Ourstudy indicates that survivin and TTF-1 are useful prognostic markers for SCLC and might provide novel targets for future anti-SCLC therapy.


Key Words: TTF-1  survivin  prognosis

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