Effect of TUSC2 on proliferation,migration and invasion of human breast cancer c
PUBLISHED: 2015-11-27  380 total views, 2 today

Wenlong Zhang, Jianhua Zhang 

Department of General Surgery, The Second Artillery General Hospitalof Chinese People's Liberation Army, Beijing.

ObjectiveTUSC2is a tumor suppressor gene located on human chromosome 3p21. Restoration ofTUSC2 function in human nonsmall-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells significantlyinhibited tumor cellgrowth and modulated chemosensitivity of lung cancer cells.But its role in breast carcinoma has barely been addressed.MethodMTTassay, cell-cycle analyses by flow cytometry, brdu proliferation, westernblotting analysis and miRNA microarray hybridization. ResultHerein,firstly, we reported that TUSC2 can inhibit proliferation of MCF-7 cells.Secondly, over expression of TUSC2 inhibited invasion and migration of MCF-7.Finally, we showed that TUSC2 downregulated miR-21, miR-10b and miR-210expression being vital in regulating proliferation, invasion and migration inMCF-7 cells. ConclusionThisresult demonstrates the potent tumor suppressive activity of the TUSC2 gene andit is a promising therapeutic agent for treatment of primary and disseminatedER-negative breast carcinoma.

Key wordsTUSC2  breast carcinoma  miRNA

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