Prevalence rate and influencing factors of preoperative anxiety and depression i
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Le Xu1, Qiong Pan2, Renqin Lin2

1Department of Nursing, Fujian Medical University union   Hospital, 2School of union   Clinical Medicine, Fujian Medical University union   Hospital


Objective:The study aims to investigate the prevalence of, and factors influencing, preoperative anxiety and depression in gastric cancer patients in China. The results of this study will provide scientific data and a theoretical basis for preventing preoperative anxiety and depression, improving postoperativere habilitation, enhancing quality of life, and increasing the survival time of patients with gastric cancer. Method: We enrolled 53 gastric cancer patients from Fujian Medical University union   Hospital randomly, who were diagnosed by gastroscopy and would accept laparoscopic surgery. Each participant completed self-administered Questionnaires, including the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), Medical Coping Modes Questionnaire (MCMQ), Social Support Rating Scale (SSRS), and Type D personality scale (Ds-14) before the surgery. And we collected the routine blood test results of these participants within 7 days before surgery and calculated the values of Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR). According to the results of HADS, these participants would be divided into Anxiety/depression Group and Non-anxiety/depression Group. Then we compared the results of coping mode, social support, type D personality and preoperative values of NLR of two groups. Result: Our study revealed that the prevalence rate of preoperative anxiety and depression was 20.75%in the 53 gastric cancer patients. The factors influencing preoperative anxiety and depression of patients were resigned dimensions of coping style (P=0.00), type D personality (P=0.04), NLR (P=0.039).There were no significant differences in confrontive and avoidant dimensions of coping mode and social support (P>0.05). Conclusion: The prevalence of preoperative anxiety and depression in Chinese gastric cancer patients is still high, and influenced by the coping mode, type D personality, NLR and other relevant factors. So psychological or drug intervention should be done to ease the preoperative anxiety and depression of gastric cancer patients, which is worthy of clinical research.


Key Words: Gastric cancer  anxiety  depression

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